2024 ESWBL Power Rankings

Recommended by Jon

#1 Magic

In the fall 2023 regular season, the Magic were looking like a championship level team with Matt Shawver as their ace backed with Jon Turnbaugh [C], Tom Turnbaugh, and Zack Bachynski as their core but they ultimately fell short to the Free Agents (now the Agents) in the Fall 2023 Susquehanna Series. They gain the #1 slot in the power ranking due to their off-season acquisitions of Brandon Harman and Tyler Hursh who are two solid players.

#2 Agents

The Agents (formally Free Agents) won the Fall 2023 Susquehanna Series. They are returning with the exact same roster of Deric Winston [C], Joseph Bass, Joe Walters and Brian Stephens. Joe Walters is pretty solid on the mound with a sidearm delivery that can deceive hitters. Deric Winston is also a solid all-around player that can preform wherever you place him. Despite them winning the Fall 2023 championship, they have fallen down to the #2 slot in the power rankings due to the Magic's off-season acquisitions.

#3 Freedom

We last saw the Freedom in the Summer 2023 season when they lost the first ever Susquehanna Series to the Crawdads. They are also returning with the exact same roster of Hunter Crawford [C], Jarrett Shuey, Anthony Dumez, Trevor Hoke, Ron Hoffman, and Alex Paulino. Jarrett Shuey was comparable to Kyle Schwarber as he was the lead off hitter and absolutely crushed the ball with 20 homeruns in the Summer 2023 regular season. In addition, Hunter Crawford and Anthony Dumez are both solid all-around players who have the ability to come up clutch (whether hitting or pitching) when their team needs them most. With a solid roster, they gain the #3 slot in the power rankings 

#4 Crawdads

We also last saw the Crawdads in the Summer 2023 season, however, unlike the Freedom, they were the champions of the first ever Susquehanna Series. Despite that, the Crawdads have had the most roster changes after losing a few players and gaining a few. Their roster to start the season is Eric Crawford [C], Brian Crawford, Mike Geesaman, Michael Geesaman, and Jackson Weaber. Eric Crawford was the Summer 2023 homerun leader with 24 homeruns while also coming in clutch as a pitcher when he was needed. Brian Crawford looks to return as their primary starting pitcher as he is listed as a "pitcher only" due to his leg injury running the bases last year. Mike and Michael Geesaman is a father, son duo who both were solid baseball players. They both have the ability to blow this #4 slot in the power rankings out of the water, however, we have not seen them play wiffle ball at a competitive level yet so only time will tell.

#5 Stealth Bombers

Coming in at the #5 slot in the power rankings is the Stealth Bombers. We first saw the 717 Stealth Bombers back in Fall 2023 where they did not see much success with a 2-6 record. During this off-season, they have made the decision to merge with the GBs team from the Summer 2023 season who had a 3-15 record. With that, they have our biggest roster right now with 7 confirmed players but with more possible additions along the way. They plan to start the season with Joe Colon [C], Jesse Clark [A], Tyler Miller, Will Cleland, Helena Colon, Ariel Colon, and Tino Colon. Although these 2 teams merged, their overall record in 2023 was 5-21. Despite that, they should be able to gain a few more wins this upcoming season behind the lefty Jesse Clark and Joe Colon as their core pitchers. Will also showed so potential as he joined mid-season in Fall 2023 so he is someone to look out for as well.